• Eric T.
    • 3/3/2017 I live around the corner and I can't say enough good things about the Corner Market and Pharmacy. This neighborhood has been in dire need of a grocery store. There used to be Co-Op at this location and this type of service has been sorely missed.

      I didn't expect that we would be so lucky as to have such a top notch and professional operation. Not only is the grocery store absolutely amazing but there is a pharmacy as well, with top notch pharmacists (no CVS nonsense) that provide a very caring and personal touch. If that wasn't good enough, they also have an urgent care facility. This is perfect considering I have twin five year olds who regularly come home from school with all kinds of colds and coughs that on occasion take down the whole family with them.

      To be able to just walk around the corner and have access to this trifecta of services is just awesome!!

      Top marks on services provided and customer service!! Thank you Corner Market and Pharmacy!!!

    • libby F.
    • Silver Spring, MD
    • I was so excited to see the 'Now Open' sign out front as I was returning from seeing a movie. We sorely need a neighborhood market to fill the void the Silver Spring Co-Op left when it pulled out back in 2013.

      I got to meet Jason Kirsch, one of the co-owners who also happens to own Chevy Chase Market not too far away. It is probably 1/10 the size of that location, but this store has the basics and then some. While yes, it is pricier than the chains, it certainly is convenient. I'm sure Chevy Chase residents won't flinch at the prices. They have beautiful bouquets of roses for $9.99

      There will be a full service pharmacy with delivery opening soon. It is owned by the pharmacist, Ellie from the other store. I love her!  I used to buy my former pooch's diabetes medicine from her.

      I am so happy to welcome in my new neighborhood store. I look forward to many check-ins here.

    • Claud A.
    • Lanham, MD
    • 1/8/2018 Excellent lil' place.
      It's the modern version of the  bygone "general store", where you find everything and you're friends with the grocer and the apothecary.
      Pharmacy is great, too, the waiting time is the shortest in the area and they even prepare compound prescriptions


Victor Vail  recommends Corner Market & Pharmacy, Inc.

October 23 at 12:10 PM · 

Today was my first time in the Corner Market - and I am very, VERY pleased! Neighborhood has needed a "corner market" for years, and this one beats my hopes... It's not your typical convenience store - this one has higher end brands, a lot of interesting choices. Sure, it's not a Safeway or Giant, so it can't compete w. their prices, but, hey - I'm willing to pay a little bit more to have something this convenient! On top of an excellent array of selections, this store has fresh bread - and a GREAT variety, too. (Today, I bought a loaf of Rosemary bread and Jewish Rye.) I knew right off I was going to like this store, when my eyes landed on a package of hot dogs w. natural casings! (For those of you who know, hot dogs w. natural casings are not found in just any store...) I will, for sure, be back! Highly recommend.

March 20, 2017 ·

I love this place so much! I love seeing neighbors. Everything I want is there and nothing that I don't want. And I am over the moon to have a local pharmacy, with extended hours and zero wait time. The Corner Market & Pharmacy is a huge, fabulous addition to our neighborhood.

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